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A patent is the exclusive statutory right or monopoly of use given to any new inventive method, substance or device. At Aspides, we offer patent specification drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications, validity and infringement advice and international patent protection services if required. This can include filing for patent protection within 12 months in jurisdictions such as USA, New Zealand, China, Europe and other countries based on a priority Australian patent application.

Trade Marks

A trade mark or brand is used to distinguish your goods or services from those of another business. In order to protect your business you will need to register a trade mark. We offer trade mark searching, selection of goods and services and the professional preparation of the application including filing. We can assist in anticipating potential examination objections and provide adjustments to your application if necessary. Aspides can also attend to your trade mark renewal and provide international protection of trade marks if required. We can also advise on potential conflicts that could arise between you and other trademark owners with respect to substantially identical or deceptively similar brands or logos.

Industrial Designs

A design refers to new and distinctive features that confer a unique or distinguishing appearance to the shape, pattern, ornamentation or configuration of an article. Aspides can assist in preparation and filing of a Design application both locally and internationally.

Chief Intellectual Property Officer (CIPO)

We offer contracted and on-call CIPO services on an as needed basis. We can audit and asses your company’s IP and provide strategies to turn your IP into commercial assets. This can increase the net worth of your business through formally protecting your IP rights.Β  This service is recommended as a protective measure for design heavy, marketing or creative firms. Importantly, it saves your company from having to appoint a full time CIPO.

Formal Legal Enforcement of IP Rights

As the owner of IP rights it is your responsibility under the law to enforce them. At Aspides we offer services to monitor and enforce your IP rights in the Federal Court and IP Australia through oppositions, hearings, and if necessary, partner with our experienced legal support team to prosecute or defend patent litigation. We can also advise on any IP conflicts that are present or could arise between you and another business.

Business Asset Protection

We offer advice in relation to the protection of IP with respect to employment and commercial contracts. Our team can conduct an initial screening of the IP currently in place within your company and highlight any possible loss through ex employees or third parties having access to your IP.


George Hatzis Aspides Patent Trade Mark Design Attorney
George Hatzis
Commercial Lawyer and Director
Jaime Massang
Registered Patent and Trademark Attorney
Nick Hatzis
Trade Mark Professional


Patent trademark design attorney

We are absolutely delighted with the service we received from Jaime Massang from Aspides. He was a wealth of knowledge, was very informative and fair. Initially, we felt like we had hit a brick wall in our quest to run a new business but Jaime jumped on board and had us back up and running armed with the information we were so desperately needing. It was the best money we ever spent, a small price to pay for removing some very unwanted stress and worry. I urge you to contact these super friendly people and arm yourselves, as what do they say “knowledge is power” and Jaime was able to empower us. He was super fun to work with and we will most certainly be back for more in the future, Thank you Jaime and Aspides, from Morgan and Charlie.

Charlie M.
Project Manager
Patent trademark design attorney

Our Companies have found Aspides very professional, excellent service and always supportive. We highly recommend the company to all businesses. In fact, we made a recommendation today to another Company to approach George Hatzis and Jaime Massang for advice. We wish Aspides all the best!

Jeanette J.